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Song Da 11: Strike on key projects

CONSTRUCTION - In 2012, a year full of changes caused obstacles to job search for Construction enterprises. However, on a large scale throughout the country, the whole complex of Song Da 11 Joint Stock Company (headquartered in Ha Dong, Hanoi) reached the finish line ahead of time, reaching a production and business value of VND 75 billion, equal to 102% of the plan, ensuring enough jobs for a total of 1,432 employees with an average salary of 4.6 million VND/person/month, paying 15% of 2011 dividend to shareholders, paying wages to workers until the end of the month 11/2012. In particular, Song Da 11-1 branch was awarded the Second-class Labor Medal by the Prime Minister on the occasion of the inauguration of Son La Hydropower Plant at the end of 2012.

Song Da 11 General Director Nguyen Van Son said that the company's main task is to construct and supply electricity and water to serve key national projects such as Tuyen Quang, Nam Chien, Hua Na, and Son La hydropower plants. and now Lai Chau and Xekaman 1, Xekaman 3 in Lao PDR. This is a quiet but extremely urgent and important job because it is closely related to construction and installation work and associated with the daily life of the entire workforce involved in construction on the works.

The political and business tasks of Song Da 11 have many meanings and importance in hot spots such as: Completing the handover of 40km of the 500kV transmission line from Son La to Hiep Hoa and completing the final work to hand over to The investor serves for the inauguration of Son La Hydroelectricity. In the last 6 months of 2012, Song Da 11 has concentrated all the pumps with large capacity to Lai Chau Hydropower to serve the excavation, embankment, concrete pouring of scour pits and foundation pits of the main plant. A number of branches and associated companies have actively completed 75km of 220kV transmission line from Hua Na Hydropower Plant (Nghe An) to Thanh Hoa, meeting unit 1 of Hua Na Hydropower Plant to generate electricity on schedule. The rush to erect the wire pulling poles to complete the handover before the deadline, at the same time, it is necessary to increase the number of troops, increase the crew to experiment and adjust the entire 220kV power station system in time to meet the generation date of unit 1 Thuy. Nam Chien power plant on January 14, 2013 was the outstanding effort of Song Da 11 construction forces at this project. Song Da 11 Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company has completed the construction and installation of 6km of 500kV transmission line from Phu Lam (HCMC) to O Mon (Can Tho); Song Da 11 Thang Long Joint Stock Company is in charge of the whole construction of 220kV transformer station, and at the same time erected a pole to pull electricity from Xekaman 3 Hydropower Plant in Laos to the 500kV Nam Giang substation (Quang Nam). These are breakthrough jobs that are found and accepted by the Company itself with the high efforts of all employees in branches and affiliates successfully implemented.

Song Da 11 Complex has 4 affiliated companies and 6 affiliated branches, assigned independently and autonomously. In the city. Ho Chi Minh City has Song Da 11 Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company, which specializes in working in the southern region. In Da Nang, there is 1 branch with the task of accepting contractors for construction and installation of lines and stations in the Central and Central Highlands regions. In Hanoi, Song Da Electrical Engineering Joint Stock Company specializes in electrical testing and calibration and Song Da Construction and Service Joint Stock Company performs specialized functions in many projects throughout the country. Particularly in the Northwest region, there are 2 branches working in key projects: Son La, Nam Chien and Lai Chau hydropower plants; In this area, Song Da 11 also has Thac Trang hydroelectric power plant with a capacity of 6MW invested, built, operated and sold by the Company, which has supplied 23 million KWh of electricity to the national grid, directly serving the upland areas of Dien Bien and Lai Chau provinces.

Talking about the tasks and plans in 2013, Mr. Nguyen Bach Duong - Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company said: With the tradition of solidarity, sympathy and sharing between the parent company and its affiliates, branches, first of all The company will replicate the spirit of labor solidarity of all employees, choose the key tasks to make a breakthrough, and at the same time double the synergy to strive to overcome all difficulties and maintain the brand name. The goal is to complete 100% of economic targets, reaching 1,243 billion VND in production and business value, of which the Company's revenue is 500 billion VND, the sales of associated companies is 700 billion VND, ensuring jobs for 1,450 people with an average salary of 4.8 - 5 million VND/person/month, achieving a profit of 63 billion VND of the whole complex, paying 77 billion VND to the budget, striving to pay 15% dividends/year. The whole Company will carry out construction and handover on schedule the works of 500kV My Phuoc - Cau Bong, 500kV Vinh Tan - Song May, 220kV Thanh Hoa - Vinh; Construction of fresh water system for Mong Duong 1 - Quang Ninh thermal power plant, and at the same time continue to seek to sign a contract for the construction and installation of 110kV power network, Dak Drinh Hydropower project, Dong Nai 5 Hydropower project and construction and installation. , testing the entire electrical part at the National Assembly building and EVN Power Center…

At the end of the 2012 plan, Song Da 11.1 Joint Stock Company was awarded the Third Class Labor Medal by the State. The whole Song Da 11 complex has been proposed by the Government to award the only Excellent Emulation Flag in 2012 in the whole Song Da Corporation for having made many excellent achievements in production and business.

According to Electronic Construction Newspaper

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